Our Services

We understand the pain and trouble a family goes through when a member of their family has fallen prey to a form of addiction. We also are aware of the resistance that the affected person displays when the topic of a rehabilitation or detoxification comes forward.

And so our approach is unlike any other. We are not your conventional rehabilitation centre that will charge you a huge sum and simply perform the procedure like a chore.

We treat each addict as an individual, identify their strengths and weaknesses and try to use them to get them back on track. Our services include a variety of programs that not just include medical detoxification but also rehabilitation of the person along with all those who were affected by it.

Medical Detoxification: It is a highly effective way in not just flushing the accumulated toxins out of the person’s body but also increasing the chances of successfully completing the program. Our team of experts give you a perfect blend of affordable treatment along with high efficacy.

Additional Evaluation of the situation: Often the family or the court system requires additional information about the addict. This is where we come into picture. We provide a comprehensive evaluation with all the additional information about the addict that may be helpful in gaining better control of the situation.

Therapy: Both Group as well as Individual: We believe that each affected person is unique but they also are helped better when they meet others who are as affected as they are.

Addiction and General Psychiatry:  We have a team of experts who deal with the improving the psychiatric condition of addicts. In case if there is any underlying psychiatric condition, the same is dealt with as well.

Family consultation and counselling: We are aware that it is the entire family that gets affected and we watch out for them too. We organize family counselling sessions that deal with helping the family turn over a new leaf.